Outdoor Class



The Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) formulates The Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession. These standards ask that teachers practice integrity, care, respect and trust.


As a teacher I:

  •  Respect: will ensure that I show all students my utmost respect by fostering a sense of community within the classroom. I will include in our lesson ways we can show respect to one another and throughout the years we will work on activities to help create a safe and accepting environment for us all.

  • Trust: will be very transparent  and open with my students, lead by example and encourage them to do the same. I will ensure that all students feel safe to be themselves within and outside of the classroom, some ways I will do this: having a quote for the day, always reinforce positive feedback, allow each students time to share.

  • Care: will ensure that I listen to my students and provide them with whatever assistance they may need. I will ensure to have discussions / conversations surrounding mental health with my students, and discuss ways we can better support ourselves and our peers during difficult times.

  • Integrity: will ensure I am always being prepared with my lessons, be on time and give ongoing feedback to my students and their parents. I will do whatever I can to help support each student and remain consistent in my behavior and actions.