What is my Teaching Philosophy


As an educator, I believe teaching is an honor and a privilege. Every student no matter, their culture, religion, race, gender, deserves to feel that their school environment is safe and welcoming. A place where they can grow and express themselves without fear of being judged or feeling invalid. Every student has the right to receive quality education. Being a teacher means that I must be a role model for my students, I will be playing a crucial role in my students development. With the trust that's placed in me as it pertains to my profession, I will ensure that one of my number one priorities, is having and inclusive classroom community, meaning, I will plan for differentiated instruction based, universal design for learning on the different stages that my students have reached in their individual progress. I will use assessment methods that reflects the diversity of my students’ learning styles, language and culture. Use resources that value and reflect diversity of each of my students. I will provide images and visual displays in my classroom that are gender balanced and reflect the diversity of the community and the world outside of my classroom. I believe with a starting point like this my students will be equip to excel not only in the classroom but also in life.